Breastfeeding in Public

IMG_1758.JPGI see this topic on breastfeeding in public come up all the time. It is such a wildly debated topic on whether women should breastfeed in public or not. I for sure think you should be able to breastfeed when you need to, especially when the baby is a newborn. For me, it was more about where to breastfeed. I know there is the opinion, “you can breastfeed where ever you want” but for me, I would really feel more comfort in knowing which establishments accepted breastfeeding and openly show that they do. 

I found being nervous to breastfeed in public so frustrating. Not for anyone making me feel uncomfortable, but just my own anxieties. I found it hard just leaving the apartment whenever as I always had to think about the following: When did I last feed Max? Will he make it to where I need to go without needing another feed? was there somewhere I could easily go to feed him? I mean…this is LONDON…surely there are tons of places around?! And I am totally sure there were places and tons of establishments that are SO happy for you to breastfeed…I just didn’t know where!

Now I tend to bring a bottle where ever I go. It works well, and has allowed for me to venture out whenever I want to, but I just don’t want to let this idea go. If more mums knew where to feed or know its okay to feed at certain places I just have this feeling that more mums would feel completely free and not have any barriers in the way for them to continue going to lunch, or do a spot of shopping !

So, I have created The Milk Spot and will work tirelessly to get this up and running. I want this website to be a place you can find locations, find fun things on around you and get out of the house, even in the early months!!



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