My First Blog!

walking-pic.jpgHi! Welcome to my first ever post on the Milk Spot blog!

As a quick introduction The Milk Spot is aimed to create a sense of community, share experiences and the ultimate goal is to create an app so that Mums out there have a sense of freedom without the feeling of being restricted due to breastfeeding, nappy changing emergencies, or simply not knowing what is out there for mums and their newborns!

There is so much out there once your baby hits the 3 month mark, but I wanted to have something sooner. I wanted to get out of the house and feel confident on leaving the house and know I can do anything I want with Baby Max right by my side! And I have been doing exactly that, so hopefully my blog posts and events I post show you that there is so much out there and you can do it too!

Thanks for reading!! xx



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