“Wap a Bap out”



I really have to thank my friend for this incredible title. I am starting to talk to my friends about my blog and about my idea on breastfeeding in public and the support has been incredible. Although by far this had to be the best reaction when talking to my friend and he turned around and said “Yeah I mean, you’re just wapping a bap out”. It was hilarious and of course, I couldn’t not use it in my blog! I think the best part was how it felt normal. It IS normal to feed your baby wherever you choose!

On my first blog I talked about my anxieties on breastfeeding in public. It just felt awkward to “wap a bap out” where ever I was but then I thought I can’t really continue writing about my experiences if I keep pumping a bottle and not actually breastfeed in public. SO this weekend I decided to give it a whirl! And it was completely fine. I fed on the train and in a park while hanging out with friends. I decided to go one step further, and I didn’t cover my baby feeding. I just fed him, openly and it felt good and felt like a free’d the boobie 😉

I think thats the point of this post…if you just try it, you may be surprised how normal it is, even surrounded by your friends (both guys and girls). So if you feel up to it, just give it a whirl and “Wap that Bap Out”!! xx



  1. August 13, 2017 / 10:47 pm

    The first public feed is the hardest, then once you do it you wonder why you were ever even bothered what people think don’t you! xx

  2. August 14, 2017 / 10:07 am

    YES! Its scary but people really don’t mind! Hopefully me sharing my experience allows others to see its ok! Thanks for sharing your experience! Feel free to message me any other experiences you have had with breastfeeding! I want to make sure i am sharing a wide variety of experiences and not just mine!
    The Milk Spot xx

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