The Milk Spot’s F*cket List

Fucket listThis is AWESOME! There is now a name for the things we really know we need to do/strive to do…but let’s face it just don’t have the time to do or simply cannot be arsed. So here are my 8 f*cket list items…

Number 1:

Definitely has to be the pile of laundry I have building up…It is pretty much a game of Jenga…Until that pile is over flowing and falling OUT of the hamper I ain’t touching it! Makes it a great game for me, myself and I (and the hubby).

Number 2:

Don’t drink that glass of wine…F*cket I WILL drink that glass or 2…its delicious and god knows I need a little bit of deliciousness! Another big controversy on having a drink and breastfeeding, but I have done the research and a little tipple is fine! Nom Nom Nom….!

Number 3:

Don’t sit there watching TV all day…Ok so my social life has actually increased since having baby Max. I find myself triple booked on some days (like today) but in that free time I have found myself desperately trying to find as much cr*p TV as possible. I mean, it has become a bit of a sport…Love Island…check! Celebrity big brother…check! Every single program on TLC…check! I love a little bit of down time…

Number 4:

That mummy figure snap back…I have gone to the gym…but who actually has time to go regularly!? I have NO idea how celebs get their figure back so quick…do I put on the baby bjorn and strut into Pure Gym?! OR…shall I revert to number 3 and just say F*cket…

Number 5:

Cleaning…SO I have mentioned the laundry, but to be honest cleaning in any shape is right in there…It has become a real talent to just move things around to make the flat look relatively clean…Folding a baby grow and neatly putting it back where is was, just chucking anything that remotely looks like rubbish near the bin area will suffice, and a clean of the table makes the apartment sparkle…thats cleaning mum style done to perfection!

Number 6:

The good old washing your hair is a distant memory…I know I should but then I don’t think my hair would get that lovely crazy messy style I am always striving for…meh its better without! (Keep telling yourself that Lou….;))

Number 7:

Yummy Mummy look…make sure your outfit is always on fleek (I have literally never used that word before)…Trying to find a pair of jeans that fit is a struggle…I have a good 2 tops that fit…don’t have sick all over it right now…gonna have to do. I literally don’t care.

Number 8:

Limiting the places I breastfeed…said no mother ever! It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include this. The idea I have to keep myself covered when I am feeding definitely makes me say “F*cket”. I am overcoming my nerves and loving the confidence I have grown when it comes to feeding in public. If other people care….?







  1. August 14, 2017 / 10:16 pm

    oh my god this is actually my life right now!! hilarious (although love island is definitely not crap tele!)

    • August 14, 2017 / 10:30 pm

      Haha you are right!! It was quality tv!! I have never been so excited for 9pm than I was with love island !! Haha

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