Bosom buddies…!



Breastfeeding for the first 5 weeks…? Wasn’t this amazing natural feeling I was expecting…it hurt! Not just a mild pain, but a pain to the point when Max was latching on I would mutter under my breath “Child birth…Child birth…you went through Child birth you can DO THIS”. OR…OR…”Why the F*ck did no one tell me this hurts!!?”

The Milk Spots I went to were amazing, but for the friends I made, not really for someone telling me Max’s latch was terrible…Ya, thanks I figured that out…(insert eye roll). There is so much out there telling you how wonderful breastfeeding is, and I am not disagreeing with it at all, but what about the pain you endure…? Like it’s not enough that my other region hurts from child birth but when that hungry cry came my heart would sink – which is completely counter intuitive to how I should feel about feeding my child.

I could sit here and say it gets easier, because it does…but that doesn’t help and is a post that has been published so many times…what I can say is make your “Bosom buddies”!! At least then you aren’t the only one saying how much this hurts…You got a group of amazing ladies, who complain and laugh because shit…what else can we do…You will also laugh about the fact you talk in such detail about your boobs, about the cracks you get from breastfeeding, or that your child is tongue tied or even that your child is literally just a feeder, feeding constantly day and night…The support and sanity I got from talking to my bosom buddies was amazing…It made a hard situation a lot easier, and knowing you aren’t the only one going through this painful adjustment is so insanely comforting…”YAY you’re in pain too!!” I don’t even feel bad…

Go get the Bosom buddies and if you are in London reach out to me and I am happy to let you know where there is a Milk Spot near you that you can go to!




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  1. August 16, 2017 / 2:48 pm

    Love this! Not many breastfeeding support services near me as such to meet other bf mums but the bf Facebook groups have kept me sane !!

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