I started this blog just over a week ago, and the reaction is the BEST! The support from my friends and family is awesome! But I finally feel I am reaching out to all mama’s out there on uniting and supporting one another! Go team! 

I had another day yesterday where I was in a complete FLAP about where to feed Max…I wanted to find a park bench in the end so I could feed my baby who was screaming a pitch only dogs can hear…but of course, just like London buses there is never a bench when you need it!

I ended up in ITSU…Sushi and Milk anyone? I went in there, completely flustered, couldn’t stop at the counter to buy anything due to Max’s screaming…so I went to a free table, wapped that bap out and started to feed. What was AWESOME was a fellow Mum coming over to me asking if she could get me anything! Seriously, not only is it totally fine to feed in public, but people even offer to help you out! ITSU were great, let me sit there and feed Max.

YES to Solidarititty!! YES to “Wapping a Bap out”!!

ITSU is added to my list of breastfeeding friendly places, so if you ever get yourself in a flap like I was yesterday, and can’t find that park bench – head over to ISTU for some sushi and milk! 😉





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