The “Mum Tum”

Life GoalsI have a Mum Tum and that’s OK! I gave birth 11 weeks ago, and was shocked that my Tum hadn’t returned so that incredible 6 pack I used to have…(cough cough)…Beyonce got it come I hadn’t…Why does mine still look like a sack of spuds…?! (She say’s still indulging in her “cravings” of Mars bar ice creams mid-type)…Note, I use the word cravings loosely. Sometimes I used to say cravings when I was pregnant as that would put a rocket up Sam’s arse to run down to Tesco before I even finished my sentence..(Remember…his moto through my pregnancy was “Don’t anger the beast I call my wife!”) I’m not even sorry for it…

To say I had a few indulgences in my pregnancy would be a total lie…Mars Bar ice creams were like gold dust…I could eat those like there was no tomorrow and it would even prompt my happy dance when eating them. I.WAS.IN.LOVE.

So much so, when they said my baby was big in the 20 week scan, my husband even ASKED THE DOCTOR if what I was eating contributed towards the rapid growth of my Son (I knew he was referring to the ice creams)…I was MORTIFIED..I have never gone quite so red in my life, and livid that my husband, my best friend who should have my back at all times completely OUTED me to the doctor…His apology to me naturally was buying me more ice cream…

So, needless to say my  “Mum Tum” is still going strong. Its become my friend and doesn’t go without some benefits…I can even fit my i phone under the Mum Tum…so technically that’s a win..right? Taking hands-free to a whole new level…I’m not even sorry about it.

I do go to the gym, but that Tum is stubborn (she says…still scoffing away at this ice cream). I mean, I JUST DONT KNOW why it wont shift?! My dad has now started to ask me on a daily basis whether I had an ice cream..I feel like I have reverted back to when I was 15 and he looked at me and said “are you drunk Louise”, and there I am…avoiding eye contact and saying no as I walked off to my room in a zig zag thinking I just totally bossed that lie, he totally believed me..yah right.

So I am back there – defending this love I have for my ice cream. Hiding the wrappers from my husband and hoping he hasn’t taken a stock count of how many were in the freezer. F*CKET…That’s what I say. When Max is walking, I’ll be running around and that weight will eventually fall off. Until then, on the days where i do sweet F*ck all I say go for the Mars Bar. Enjoy it! You deserve a treat. You are spending time with the little bubba so have fun and don’t take it too seriously on trying to get that perfect figure back. It will come!

I’ll keep you posted on when it does 😉

P.s. who knew I could write so much on my love of a Mars Bar ice cream!

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  1. August 21, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    The rocker bit tickled me 😂😂

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