Just wing it…


Here it is…our list of how to wing it with a baby… There is nothing that can prepare you for the day you take your baby home from the hospital. The “Holy Sh*T what now” moment that surely hits every parent when they see their newborn home for the first time?? That feeling they are completely dependent on you, and you need to up your game…

So on that, all I can do is give my top 10 pointers on how to avoid being “Idiots with a baby” and give our recommendations with the hope that at least ONE of these pointers can help you…if not, at least get a laugh of how we navigated that first insanely amazing, overwhelming first week with Max.

Number 1:

Take it easy, you have either gone through invasive surgery, or pushed out a pineapple from you hoo-ha. Either way that sh*t is tough. Its f*cking legendary and made me high five every woman I saw with a baby. Or that smile,  like “F*ck yeah I did that too”. So take it easy. Indulge in those cravings for a little longer, before it is no longer an excuse to eat those 10 mars bars. Sleep, Eat, Relax, Repeat.


Number 2:

We were suckered into buying everything under the sun for baby Max. We had 4 different sleeping aids for him (crib, moses basket, sleepyhead, bed), but none of that was used those first few weeks during the night…during the day the sleepyhead worked wonders. but night time – totally different story… Ladies, you know those fun bags that give your baby life? Turns out they are also FANTASTIC cushions for when your baby decides this is where they want to sleep. And to the dad’s? Any chest will do, get ready for the sunrise bonding session!

Number 3:

Stay away from the online shopping…i repeat..stay away from online shopping! That sh*t is open 24/7!!! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! It got so bad, Sam was going down to pick up parcels daily…he would ask what was in the package. Honestly…I had no clue…I was sleep shopping…(it’s a thing). My response when he asked what I had bought was like a teenager….”Uhhh. I needed it, just let me be..jeeez” He didn’t dare argue (good man).

Number 4:

Talk, moan, cry if you need to…we both did. (Ha Sam I am outing you for being a blubbering mess for the first week). I could literally say “Max is here” and I could see his eyes well up (cue the laughter from the unsupportive wife). Talk through your feelings, don’t hide them, don’t feel ashamed. I cried over everything. mumbling “It’s….the….baby…blues”! It’s all good. We all go through it.

Number 5:

Family – Try to aim for the good cook in the family. 😉 Just kidding…but not…My mum was over for the first month. It was awesome. She lived in a flat nearby, we would go round to feed, she would get her cuddle fix. win win. (Thanks mum, for being a total ledge). She did more than just cook for us. She made us feel like we were doing a good job when we just weren’t sure. Family support is incredible. I was lucky that my sister in-laws (yes plural -twas the season to have babies) were incredible support. I could talk to them through all my concerns…and you need that. Whether it is family or friends, lean on them…even if it is just to get a couple of hours kip.


My beautiful mum.

Number 6:

Try not to drop your baby…We kinda did, due to playing a game called “BEAN KISSES”. Whenever he would root when he was hungry we would laugh and scream “BEAN KISSES”, since he was smacking his lips making a kissing sound…then it happened. He rolled off Sam’s chest and ate the couch. I laughed (nervous laugh)… Sam cried…LOL. He was fine, he got fed, but I definitely don’t recommend the game…we never played it again.

Number 7:

Take a shower ladies…YOU DO HAVE TIME.

Number 8:

Filters…with every photo, never worry…there is always a filter to remove the bags from your eyes. Or…in my case cover the eyes…


Number 9:

Have a flipping drink…

Number 10:

Take as many photos as possible. They are only a newborn for a little while. I already miss it. I can’t believe he is now my chunky monkey. Go on adventures, when your under carriage allows you to sit in public without the slow / crane assistance you need from your partner…you know where they essentially lower you onto the seat…Enjoy the time you have off and have some fun.

And if all else fails…just pester the midwife…we sure as hell did.




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