“Plug Em”


There seems to be so much debate on whether you give your baby a dummy or not. Personally I do not get it.

Our parenting style has been try everything and see what works. Every baby is different, so when your baby is there screaming bloody murder, sometimes doctor google doesn’t always have the answer. And we googled the absolute sh*t out of “Why does my baby cry”…I mean…What? As IF we were googling how to “fix” our baby to make him silent. It’s not possible, babies cry, IT IS NORMAL. (Don’t google…you will spend your life trying to figure it out).

But the day we decided to try the dummy, we were desperate. We were exhausted and at our wits end. We decided to go to the supermarket. Absolutely starving, we needed to get some food. Max absolutely HATES the supermarket. I mean HATES it. You run in and out as quickly as possible with that baby. Saying this, I am not going to say it doesn’t come without its benefits…if you ever get lost or separated from your partner and the baby, you just need to follow the scream. It’s a little game we liked to call Marco Polo – the supermarket edition.

But despite the game, on this particular day, we were running on empty. We were desperate to calm Max down. We were desperate to find food, and we were inches away from a huge fight on the fact that we are both terribly indecisive when tired and could not make a decision of what to eat. So there we are, with a screaming baby, frozen, looking at each other and drawing a blank. I am pretty sure my mum was also in the supermarket…hearing Max cry and seeing us death staring at each other, she wisely avoided us until we were calm. And then we found ourselves in the baby aisle looking at the dummies.

It was like moth to a flame, slowly inching closer and closer to grabbing those bad boys to see if it would work. They were literally glowing at us (I’m serious, they are glow in the dark), sat there taunting us “buyyyy meeee” Shit, they are talking to us…we have got to that point of delirium. So we decide to get them, and run home with our screaming baby to get those dummies sterilised and to see if they would work.

For the first time in 2 weeks….we.had.silence…it was beautiful. Our little Max was quiet, he was happy and calm. Our supposed colicky baby was no more.  It was utter bliss, and another high five…we once again celebrate, and the “we are winning at parenting” dance comes out.

Shamelessly we do use the term “Plug em”…when at a wedding and he looks like he is about to blow? “sh*t plug em!” When we are at the passport office for the second day in a row and he is furious with mummy for making mistakes in the application and ready to blow? “Sh*t plug em!”.

For us it worked, we still have it 3 months on. He doesn’t rely on it at night, and when he sleeps the dummy falls out and he doesn’t fuss. So we are not waking up on the hour putting it back in.

We used MAM Dummies, favouring the glow in the dark. If you think it will work, give it a go, Don’t worry what others will think, just go for what you think is right. If you gotta plug em, plug em. 😉

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  1. August 29, 2017 / 11:04 pm

    Great post, I completely agree. The first night at home, my bub would not stop crying! Nothing worked, and we were desperate. You have to do what works for your baby (and your sanity!)

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