My niece, the 5 year old babysitter…


Don’t worry! I didn’t ACTUALLY leave my 5 year old niece to look after my 3 month old baby. I was obviously there, taking the photo above.

The other day I was asked to look after my 5 year old niece for the afternoon (ps. I totally thought she was 6…whoops – may have had a different story if I’d remembered she was 5…but probably not).

I was so excited to see her, so excited for her to spend time with Max and I. Now that he is a little older, I thought it would be great for them to bond and for Bella to see that he is engaged and no longer asleep most of the day! I couldn’t wait…but to say I wasn’t a little apprehensive would be a lie. The last time she was over, Max was only a couple of weeks old. I stupidly thought pizza and a movie would keep her occupied, that it would surely be a winner. No, hide and seek was the winner…OBVIOUSLY, hide and seek would be so much more fun. But living in a 2 bed apartment, and having Max, the little barnacle that he was, on my boob constantly, would make hide and seek pretty impossible. So we struggled to keep her entertained. I felt bad, and was right in my baby blues phase where everything made me cry. Total disaster.

This time around I was much more settled at being a mum. Baby blues were long gone, and Max was much more entertaining and less barnacle-like (saying this, I was exhausted due to the little man choosing 4 am as a great time for a deep and meaningful conversation with me. Those smiles to lure me in…so I didn’t have a great sleep) – but I knew I could handle it.

After a little bit of barbie play (god i hate playing barbies) Bella wanted to see how Max was doing. She was incredible, playing peek-a-boo, running around the play mat singing to him, it was so nice to see. When he got a little fussy, I told her to give him his dummy, rock his rocker a little, and do lovely soothing noises such as shuushies (new word, made it up…you get it).

She did it brilliantly, and he was once again calm…Wait, hold on one hot minute…did my niece totally just soothe Max? Umm yes SHE DID…”Bella! Amazing, just keep doing that” – 45 minutes I wake up from one epic nap.

Sh*t did I just FALL ASLEEP?! Yes I did..She is sat quietly, Max is fast asleep, and with a smile she looks at me “I did it”. Yes you f*cking did, you little legend, you baby whisperer you!

Do I recommend sleeping and leting a 5 year old looking after your baby? Umm no, probably not…but damn that nap was good. My little helper, she was awesome and I am glad she was there to provide some entertainment to Max. So if people are offering you help when you are a parent to a newborn. Take it! I did, even if it was from my 5 year old niece!

The best?!….When I woke up she said, “Max is sleeping, can I nap with you?” YES you can!

She was rewarded with a brand new Ken doll…obviously…



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