The Outtakes of Parenthood…

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There is no perfect image when it comes to parenting. But there is a story behind every picture, and when it comes to parenting you can guarantee its a bloody good story.

My Instagram is slowly flooding with pictures of my baby and me – usually pouting, usually with a filter to remove the bags under my eyes and usually with a great story behind the picture.

I started to post more frequently when I started up my blog. My blog currently is a very raw, honest account of how Sam and I tackle the minefield of parenting. How we have dealt with THE biggest responsibility either of us have ever had before. How we learn to be great parents to the BEST decision we have ever made.

Is sharing pictures for everyone? No. Am I putting my child on Instagram to make money? No. I put pictures up – and put the “nice” pictures up – because I love documenting the journey, and want to reach as many mums as I can to say, its OK. We are f*cking warriors. We carry our baby for 9 months, we embrace (or just deal with) our changing bodies, and we give birth to a miracle. But that sh*t is testing at the best of times. When you physically cannot move because the little one had decided to play jumping jacks on your pelvis, to when you are running on 4 hours sleep and exhausted, it is completely OK to say, f*ck me this is hard work.

And that is what the blog hopefully conveys. And by no illusion do my pictures on Instagram always reflect the absolute DAY I have had. I usually have sick all over my clothes, I find poop on my hands, arms, face at least once a day, I have danced around the room like a f*cking mad woman hoping my baby may just stop crying for a MINUTE, and I have cried when it just gets too hard.

So f*ck it, if I want to put some make up on, and prance around taking pictures of me and my baby and post them on to social media, then that is what I will do.

And if I reach out to even just one other mum who is feeling the pressure of parenthood, who relates or even just gets a laugh out of one of my posts, then great, my blog is serving one of its purposes.

I don’t think that posting pictures of my child will give him any long term issues, I don’t think he will be mortified when he is older (perhaps the photo with a smiley face on his bum!) BUT, he will see that we had fun. He will see some incredible pictures of us as a family and how he grew up. He will continue to grow to be a happy kid.

There was an article recently regarding the rise of “instamums”. Other mothers slamming the “instamums” for portraying their perfect life and using their children’s photo online to make money..What utter BS… If you follow any of them, and if you decide to follow me, you will see this is not about portraying a perfect life, but quite frankly the total opposite. There is no perfect life. We all just plod along and figure it out as we go. And if we can share this, if we can provide help to one other mother out there, and show them it’s ok to laugh about the sh*tty days, and it’s ok to talk about the struggles of parenthood that we all at one time go through.

If there are ads on these accounts then maybe, just maybe you will relate!! Surely it is better on a real mother’s account than flipping through 100 pages of Vogue models holding a baby that isn’t theirs, showing how simple it is to put your baby in a cute tie dye sling costing 50 quid?! – Because those things aren’t simple…I am pretty sure if I ever attempted to put one of those things on my baby would fall through the bottom, and I am pretty sure I can use a sheet to do the same thing.

SO a few nice pictures, followed by a world of incredible content on the life of motherhood is totally worth it. Sometimes websites put more pressure on mums than an Instagram account. Websites portray perfect families, websites portray these perfect models with NO mum-tums in sight, and they do it in order to sell you on this perfect image. AND they do it to sell their products.

The fact is, blogs like mine and other mum’s such as Mother Pukka are authentic. We are sharing our stories, and you have a choice whether you want to read them or not.

To me an Instagram account is inspiring. It gives me ideas, it gives me a little escape. Other network sites, tell me how I must have my child signed up to a nursery before he is 3 months old, they tell me I must take my child to a baby mozart class so his brain develops quicker, that they must learn another language for better career prospects…CAREER prospects?? No thank you…let me just focus on teaching my child how to blow raspberries and eat a cracker…

And THANK YOU to Instagram for making me feel like its ok to do JUST that.

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