Mama Down…I repeat Mama DOWN

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That’s right…my biggest fear had become a reality…Mama was down…I was hit with a bug. What the HELL do you do when you are sick and have a small child..? Well we were about to find out.

We had been travelling back from a friend’s wedding in Zurich Switzerland. After a delayed flight (Easy Jet at it’s finest) we were exhausted and all ready for a good night sleep. But not for me. I woke up in the middle of the night and knew I was about to enter the hell hole of a tummy bug. Not only did I feel horrendous, I couldn’t stop the panic of thinking how I was going to look after Max when I am ill!

My constant trips to the bathroom eventually woke up Sam and needless to say there really is nothing quite like a tummy bug to expel any “mystery” left in a marriage..Brilliant.

“Don’t worry, I will stay at home and help you out today.” – MUSIC to my ears, I relaxed and knew everything would be ok. Max would have a great bonding day with his dad and I would get to rest properly to kick this bug’s butt.

If we weren’t already in such a state…Today is the day that Max decides to have THE most fussiest day yet. We couldn’t believe it. We had sh*t flying everywhere…his…not mine. We had sick over Sam’s t-shirt…again, his…not mine. And crying…lots and lots of crying…(mine and Max’s)…Sam had his work cut out for him today.

If you have been reading the blog posts you will know our baby is a little bit shy of the poopie monster. He isn’t that frequent, and “jammy Sammy” has wormed his way out of changing a sh*tty nappy for around a MONTH. Purely on great timing vs. avoiding it, don’t worry. So I would be lying if I said I didn’t relish in the fact that Max decided to be a poop machine today. I sat back quietly celebrating, in my zombie state.

But the crying?  F*ck. It was brutal. He was making me feel worse, as all I wanted to do was soothe him. Sam sat there frantically tapping away, searching good ol’ Doctor Google on “How do I fix my baby” – desperately trying to find that miracle cure (insert roll eyes).

But he was, for today, on his own. Only passing him over for feeds, and then dealing with any vomit, spit up, burp that Max would throw at him. It was a f*cking disaster, albeit a beautiful one as my boy’s got to grips with one another…but a disaster nonetheless.

By the end of the day Sam was absolutely exhausted. But he didn’t once lose his composure. He kept his cool and learnt that a Mama’s life isn’t just lazing around blogging, its hard work. You have to be  switched on 24/7, and you have to keep finding ways, as creative as they may be, to make the baby stop crying. He had a DAY. He learnt that you have to just keep going, he learnt sometimes you just have to let them cry it out, and most importantly he learnt how to eat cold soup. What was he THINKING buying soup and thinking he could eat it warm?! I don’t know if its just me, but I have learnt to love cold soup and cold Tea. The luxury of having anything warm is usually on the weekends.

Overall I think our little man may have been confused that his mummy wasn’t giving him as many cuddles…or maybe he had a bit of the bug…who knows. But I said farewell to the days of lounging on the sofa indulging my illness, or sleeping it off. I realised that (for complete lack of a better phrase) I needed to Man the f*ck up and just be there for Max and try to act like everything is OK.

My biggest fear of being ill became a reality, and it was a sh*tty mess – quite literally. But with a supportive husband and dad to Max we got through it and he is a f*cking legend. He also went back to work the next day with a sigh of relief, realising that his 9-5 is a piece of piss in comparison.

Stay at home parents, are f*cking amazing.

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