Date Night

IMG_3428I L-O-V-E date night. I love being able to have time with Sam. It is important for me that we still are Sam and Lou as well as being Max’s parents. I can’t recommend it enough.

This week we are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary so date night was definitely on the cards. And luckily for us we are in Spain visiting my parents so we have some pretty good babysitters!

As excited as we were, we had learnt a thing or two from our previous date night, and knew we had to tweak our plans a little. And when I say tweak, I mean act like the responsible adults, now parents I am sure we can be.

The previous date night was the first time we had left Max. The first night we had time for ourselves. Our excitement was sky high and we bolted out of that house craving a little time alone. A quick goodnight kiss to our little guy and a wave to the parents we were out! We started off at a bar for a nice pre-drink before dinner. Pretty standard date night activity.

But I hadn’t drunk in 9 months, Sam overly excited to have his wife awake and lets be honest…the fact I had showered, put on a little make up on and a nice dress was a stark contrast to my usual look. The “mum look”, the bare minimum and the risk he was coming home and I still hadn’t changed from my PJs. To say parenting had lowered my standards of self care would be a WILD understatement. I mean seriously, a brush to my hair every so often surely isn’t that difficult! So it was nice to be out and looking like a human.

We were on our date, merrily drinking, having a laugh and having a “Sam and Lou” night. Pre-baby, our date nights meant a lot of alcohol, a lot of laughing and usually a tumble or two from me, the accident prone wife. This first date night showed no signs of being any different. We started at a bar, drinking a little too much, and definitely overly excited by the fact we were out of the house. Naturally, in my tipsy state I took an epic tumble off the pavement – Pulling a muscle in my back in a weak attempt on saving my fall, I lay there a little stunned, a little embarrassed but not really that surprised. Sam maintained his usual response to laugh and attempt to help me up, and this is all BEFORE we have even entered the restaurant.

We ate like scavengers, partly due to being quite tipsy, and partly due to our experience with a newborn and his excellent timing of waking up and screaming bloody murder the minute the fork hits my mouth. So you learn to eat FAST or not eat at all. Needless to say, it wasn’t one of our finest hours in this restaurant. We drank another bottle of Cava and had an amazing first date night since Max was born.

But due to said lack of experience of being mature responsible adults, we didn’t really think of the rest of the night, you know, the bit where you’re up at all hours with a wide awake baby ready for his midnight rave. I had probably only had an hour or so of sleep, Sam snoring away next to me, and me fumbling around trying to get my sh*t together to get this baby fed (bottle I had expressed earlier, I’m not that irresponsible) and desperate for some help from snoring Sam.

So I wake him up to help me, usually I sweetly ask him to help (cough cough – YAH right…) but this time in my tipsy haze I went in for the kill. A massive wack telling him to get the f*ck up to help. Not the wisest of my decisions ever, but surely 2 silly parents were better than one? I got the evils I deserved, and the help I needed from Sam and we successfully fed, cuddled and soothed our baby back to sleep.

So this next date, we were definitely a lot more tame. We had a glass of Cava vs sinking an entire bottle…we still managed to cause a scene about a flying beetle hitting our table…FLYING BEETLES?! But we laughed, we had some great conversations and just enjoyed the quiet time together.

AND we were ready for our little Man’s midnight rave.

Winning on all counts, AND without the stinking hangover the next day.

If you can get a date night, take it. They are so amazing, and great for the soul to get some time out. Even IF you spend the entire night talking about your baby, or being that crazy mother feeling the need to call the babysitter 100 times before you even get your starter, even if the babysitter IS your mum.

Try go out and have a little fun….and it will also give you an opportunity to have a shower and put a brush to that hair and force you out of the wonderful PJs.


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