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This was our first Summer with our beautiful Max. We LOVE to travel and go on holidays out of the UK and were adamant that having a little bub wouldn’t change that. We knew it would be different but we didn’t mind that, it just meant a little more planning.

From our experience travelling with a baby really has not been that bad…A little more stressful at times…for example, when we board the flight and the passenger next to us refuses to sit with us because we had a baby…(I knew people thought this but to have someone storm off!? what a w*nker) – So that was a new experience… I mean look at this face!! Who wouldn’t want to sit with him!?! And this is taken after waiting on the plane for an hour with no air con before taking off…little ledge that he is.


We also had an incident in Zurich when we were there for a friends wedding where we were not allowed our pushchair in the terminal!? Literally THE MOST RIDICULOUS rule I think I have ever heard. Of course (being switzerland), they did have the money making scheme offering us the option to RENT a buggy…Luckily we had our trusty Baby Bjorn close by, but knowing we had to check in our pram (which costs the same amount as a second hand car) had Sam frantic with worry that we would receive a dented pram back in the UK. Luckily we had a burger king when we finally got into the terminal to calm our nerves. (Seriously, will this mum tum EVER leave?!)

Little Max loved the Baby Bjorn and time with his Dad!

Overall, the airports and plane journeys are different…definitely a little more stressful at times and the sheer quantity of things we need for this baby is well, ridiculous (-ly necessary – never ever leave mr. babbit at home!) but damn it is worth it when you get to the destination and are met with sunshine, OR in Switzerland the sound of alpine horns that greet you on the transit train. The feeling of accomplishment that we have made it to the destination, with all passports, all of our bags and of course, not forgetting our baby well is a success for the couple that nearly always leaves something behind at the airport bar, or worse leaves an entire bag at security…Celebrating, we high five…pretty impressed with one another that we got to the other side with everything in tow.

And then the holiday commences!

We have been SO lucky to have had the trips we have had. Through amazing generosity of our friends lending their apartment to us in Zurich who also have a baby, and the fact my parents live in Spain and also have the bulkier baby items, we have so far had it pretty good.

Spain is such an amazing place for us. It’s like a playground for new parents. We have help from grandparents, we can keep Max in the cool house, keeping a watchful eye from the sun lounger, we are not resorting to eating dinner in a hotel room so we can keep Max on a sleep schedule and can have dinner outside, or even have date nights. Sam get’s to play a little golf, I get to pamper myself and most importantly spend some quality time with my parents. Having a villa is definitely the way to go if you want to holiday in the sun when you have a newborn.

I do get that it can be a little more expensive, but if you go with family or search deep for those hidden deals it is so easily possible. We have been so lucky that Max goes to sleep at 7pm and we get our evenings. He rarely will wake up before 3am so for us, being in a villa and not having to whisper in a hotel room has been amazing.

So for this relatively short post, here are a few pictures of us on holiday. (Not helping my holiday blues looking at these!!!)

We stayed in La Manga Club – so for any parents looking for some good holiday rentals with villa’s and pools check it out. It honestly is awesome and we found that prices to rent a villa were even cheaper than a hotel in other locations.

Overall travelling with a baby is definitely different but I couldn’t recommend it enough. Getting a change of scenery honestly can do wonders for the mind, body and soul!

Check out my next post as an addition to this with a guest blog from Alysia Thomas. She is a dear friend and designs amazing artisan scarves.

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