Top 10 Travel Items recommended from A.T London

A.T London is an incredible scarf company by a dear friend Alysia Thomas. Her latest design is SO relevant to the blog as it is a beautiful scarf big enough to use as a pram cover, breastfeeding cover and universal for both parents!

Like me, Alysia loves a good holiday and is also a Mum to baby Fynn and has kindly provided her top 10 travel essential items! Check it out!

1. AT London All Purpose Scarf
Of course an essential in our house. Made to use anywhere and everywhere for Maman, Papa and Bebe. It is machine washable and can go in the dryer. Favourite uses are to cover the buggy during naps, a cover up while breastfeeding (especially useful on the plane at takeoff), as a scarf, a blanket, shopping cart seat cover, etc. Possibilities are endless. Basically anything you can think of we use it for – an essential for every parent.
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2. Bjorn Travel Cot Light
We used to have a cheap travel cot and we hated it. We eventually got so tired of it we just left it behind. In the states we used Graco’s and they were great but they aren’t as available here. We just upgraded to the Bjorn and I have to say it is the easiest thing to use and Fynn loves it’s cushy mattress. I want to sleep in it! I highly recommend investing in a good one. It can be put together with one hand and when you are moving from place to place every 2 days like our California trip or your arrive somewhere exhausted with a wiped out baby, the last thing you want to do is be fiddling with a cot.
3. Becco Gemini Baby Carrier
Fynn used to nap solely in the carrier. That meant traveling around a new city with 3 naps in a carrier, let me tell you that thing better be comfortable. My husband and I both love this and it saved our back and we’ve tried them all.
4. Cyber Cloud Q Car Seat
We love this car seat. It goes in any car with just a seatbelt and traveling in multiple countries with different laws this was crucial. Has a great armadillo shade for naps and also lies down flat when out of the car in case you are transporting a sleeping infant and wish them to stay that way for longer. Can attach to many buggies including the yo yo. Worth getting the summer cover though because they can get quite hot.
5. CoziGo Airline Bassinet Cover
This is essential for long haul flights where the strong overhead lights may keep you babe up as well as those nosey bored travellers who like to touch them when they’re sleeping.
6. Anya Hindmarsh Change Bag
One of my favourite items. It’s classy, it’s small, it’s classy, did I say that already? ha ha! It just makes you feel like you still got it when you’re off to clean up poo in the tiniest airplane bathroom ever. My husband loves it too because it just looks cool.
7. Josefina Baby Bag
This is a beautiful bag that I will use for long after the baby years are over. Designed in Paris, made in Spain, beautiful supple leather, lots of pockets and it looks gorgeous.
8. Olivier Cashmere Blanket
So soft and cozy. Perfect for cold planes, trains and automobiles.
9. YoYoPlus Babyzen
This goes everywhere with us. It can go in an overhead compartment or has a shoulder strap to carry. I love this smoothe ride which means you can battle jet lag with a coffee while pushing the buggy in a new country = awesome.
10. Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind
When you stay in as many Air BnB’s and hotels as we do, blacking out a space is crucial to keep your babe on a sleep schedule and to keep your sanity. We have two of these and never leave them behind. Of course it wasn’t helpful in the place with the sky light over the bed or the hotel that was heated but a romantic gas fire place that came on in the middle of the night but live and learn!
Bonus addition:
Jet Kids
My brother recently traveled long haul with is 3 year old son and said this save him. He couldn’t recommend it enough. We will be getting one for sure


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