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FullSizeRender.jpg copyMax has glided through newborn life fantastically (says the proud mum)…So naturally he was going to be an expert at this whole “sleep regression” thing we have going on right now. He has officially gone from sleeping 7pm through to 5am to waking up every 1.5/2 hours. What the actual f*ck….

I don’t think I have ever been quite as tired as I have been for the last two weeks. I am tired as F*ck all the time, and so not used to this whole waking up 3 or 4 times a night. The funny thing is, a couple of months ago I actually wrote a post on how well our baby sleeps, and then drafted it – as I really didn’t think it was a very useful post, but more a highly irritating and an obnoxious post on how our baby is a perfect sleeper. Which lets be honest, no one really wants to hear, ESPECIALLY the sleep deprived mama’s frantically searching for solutions, and then met with that post which just makes you want to scream at the laptop f*ck offffff!. So yeah, good thing I refrained from posting, as now it is 100% out dated. A long and distant memory…


We are in the thick of it, in the trenches of hearing Max wake 3 or 4 times a night and only settling once he has had boob and sleeping…not the one, and highly concious not to create a habit with that, we are trying out new things to see if it works, but come 1 a.m I am ready to start my midnight rave. And…of course continue to pray this really is just a phase.

It has been quite funny watching me slowly deteriorate in my sleep deprived state. My general life choices are quite frankly idiotic…

I have found cereal in the fridge, I have got on the wrong direction of the tube SO many times its just getting ridiculous, I have completely forgotten any plans I pre-arranged and desperately rely on the “are we still on for tomorrow?” text, and worst of all in a desperate attempt to get the dummy that Max flung over and behind the crib I managed to get myself wedged in between the crib and bed. I mean so wedged, if it hadn’t of been for my friend who was over at the time of it happening, I honeslty would have NO idea how I would have got out. I wasn’t entirely sure my friend was going to be able to assist as there literally was no wiggle room, and moving the crib would have been painful on my hipbones (Which I can finally see again after pregnancy!).

So after  a few snaps and of course the humiliating video my friend just HAD TO TAKE before helping me, I was finally out and back to plugging my screaming baby who just wanted a nap.

So yeah, definitely not my finest hour…definitely not my finest couple of weeks! I am somehow still managing at life. I still try to get out and get some fresh air, and keep myself and Max preoccupied during the day. I feel if I stayed home all day hoping to nap I would probably get more frustrated if I wasn’t able to nap at the same time as Max. So better to just get out and keep my mind fresh!

I have not yet figured out how to get my baby to sleep longer, but if I do I promise to keep you posted.

For now, here is a picture of my epic fail of being a sleep deprived mama, and a beautiful face that makes it ALL WORTHWHILE….F*cking love this boy.


The situation I got myself into – Desperate attempt to retrieve a dummy.



Look at THIS FACE!!!







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  1. November 4, 2017 / 11:01 am

    I love that Max is a couple of months ahead of Harris and I can see what’s coming for us ! X

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