It’s been a while…

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I took a small hiatus from the blog…unintentionally and not entirely sure where the time has passed, but it has been months, which only means I have months of stories to tell on here. We have had quite the journey since I last posted. Some highs and lows – all which will be posted about over the next couple of weeks.

The biggest change has to be our little main man Max. He is so unbelievably different, changing and learning new things every single day. Leaving me less time to sit here tapping away on the laptop as we are down to 2 , maybe 3 naps through the day.

But I am back, looking forward to the new year and watching the Milk Spot continue to grow !! I am so excited and intend on getting some of the projects I have off the ground in the first few months of the year. Woop!

But for now, watch out for the latest blog posts all on weaning, developments, making us laugh every single day, and also some of the challenges we have faced and how we overcame them as a family…and with lots of wine.

Thanks! Catch ya soon on the next post!



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