Our first Christmas with Max


Merry Christmas and New Year from the Milk Spot Family!!

I have never been quite so excited about Christmas. The first for Max and the first for us to celebrate as a family. I have always loved this time of the year. The lights, the excuse to drink at midday, indulge in a worryingly large amount of chocolate –  throwing out that (non-existent) diet and watching as many christmas films as I possibly can before my husband gives me the expected eye roll thinking “not another f*cking Christmas film”


So with my waist slightly bigger (which I refuse to acknowledge as anything more than a little bit of bloat) I can safely say we did Christmas properly. Max absolutely loved the Christmas tree, staring at it for hours on end and I got to fulfil a life long dream to dress him up as a Christmas Elf. Pretty sure he will never forgive me for this but damn he is so CUTE.


This year we spent Christmas day in Spain. The sun was shining, Max was getting extra attention from the family, I got a few minutes to prevent my skin from going florescent due to the lack of sun we have here in London and hubs got in a couple rounds of golf. Overall it was incredible, and the never ending flow of bucks fizz definitely didn’t hurt.

For us, Christmas is about family. It’s about enjoying spending time together and this is what we wanted for Max. We wanted him to have the best day, full of cuddles and laughter. We were not focused on having too many presents under the christmas tree. He is only six months old – he doesn’t understand the magic of Santa yet and as expected, his interest was not in the new toy he received but more on the shiny wrapping paper he is adamant on eating. I always make the joke that until a certain age kids are more interested in the flipping box the present came in than the present itself.

When it was time to put him to bed, I felt he had such a wonderful day. He was spoilt with attention and love from everyone and we got some fantastic smiles and laughs throughout the day. It was perfect and exactly what we wished for.

So with that, here is a slightly blurred photo of the family on our Christmas “hike” (She says hike, but really means 5 minute stroll from the house). I would also blame the blur on my husbands lack of experience working a drone, and the fact his bucks fizz was mostly vodka.


A truly memorable Christmas and looking forward to what this year will bring.  Happy 2018 to Everyone! xx




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