The official 2018 Milk Spot F*cket List


Every New Year comes with a stinking hangover (and yes, I still managed to get one this morning) and the “list”. The unachievable, ridiculous list of endless resolutions that you never actually end up doing…or naturally break at least 50% of them by the 2nd day in. Maybe that’s just me..?

So instead of starting the year off with inevitable disappointment I decided to update my F*cket List. The list of things I know I really should do but now have an excuse to say f*ck it, since I have blogged about it.

Be Healthy

Now I actually do want to do this. The gym is literally downstairs. I have to walk past it to leave my flat. It’s just there, staring at me, judging me for shoving the 5th pork pie of the day down my face as I walk past (running) to get the bus to take me 100 yards down to the local Sainsbury’s. And since I have now totally outed myself on the sheer quantity of pork pies I can eat before lunch time, it is safe to say, at least some feeble attempt to tackle this mum bod should definitely be on the to do list. But most likely I will continue to avoid eye contact with that gym and say “f*ck it, maybe tomorrow” (Maybe I will just reduce the amount of Mars bar ice creams I still eat, even though its freezing outside)

Baby Food Masterchef

I do make quite a bit of Max’s food, and freeze it in the Beaba Freezing Tray. I don’t really branch too far out on my recipes, but will write more on baby weaning in a post later this week.  The ONLY problem I have is that Max can go from being the happiest baby ever to deciding he is starving (despite having his milk snack) in a matter of seconds…SECONDS…entering in to the LONGEST 2 minutes of my life as I sit waiting for the food to defrost, then realising it’s too f*cking hot and he is now in full blown meltdown because Mummy has cocked up the simple task of using the microwave so you end up just running to the cupboard, literally saying f*ck it, and squeeze out the sachet of Ella’s Kitchen and breathe again.

Stop binge watching crap TV

I can’t believe I am even going to admit this, but my ability to watch endless crap on TV has taken to a whole new level (which was already at a low when I started to watch Jezza Kyle). I sit in the mornings, while Max plays on his play mat and just watch real housewives of..well every single city that is aired, but not just watch casually, I mean completely binge watch at least 5 episodes. Completely captivated in every single argument happening, wishing I had pop corn. A little bit of blue planet, or a documentary every so often couldn’t hurt right?!

The Dummy debate:

Remove the dummy this year (aka “the plug”) – I know on a serious note that I need to get him to at least try and sleep without the dummy / stop waking up at 6am to plug him with the sheer hope he may give me at least another hour in bed, but am I the only one who is scared sh*tless of what will happen when I remove the dummy? Some may say this is lazy, but for now, I’m gonna put it on the list. Just to have myself covered.

Remove the unibrow:

Make at little bit more effort with my personal appearance. Im not saying a lot… but at LEAST tame the unibrow that is beginning to stare back at me in the mirror. I’m pretty close in starting up a conversation with that bad boy. Which

“Sleep shopping”

To be fair, I haven’t done this in a while. The 4am ASOS shopping spree that I totally forgot I did until later on the next day. I think I haven’t done it as Max is sleeping through the night, so I really have no excuse to do it. But for that expected sleep regression that will no doubt knock me sideways, my ASOS account is ready and waiting for me to say f*ck it.

Laundry maid:

Continue to attempt to do the washing in a more timely manner, instead of continuing to let that laundry basket fill up to the point I can’t walk in to the bedroom. (This was on my last f*cket list, so looks like this is a keeper)

Say f*ck it more:

Finally, for all the times I stress out about, well absolutely nothing, or have anxiety over my mothering skills, continue to say F*ck it, continue to not take life too seriously, and be confident. Continue to enjoy every single day, every single milestone and have f*cking fun.

So that’s it! That is my list updated for 2018. I will keep you all posted in my development. Whether I have been able to remove that pie from my greedy hands and actually go to the gym….

Wish me luck!

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