Max and his love for food


Yup! That’s my boy! Loves his food almost as much as his mama loves hers! We officially started his food journey when he was around 5 months old. He was clearly showing signs for wanting more to eat and well I just bought a ridiculously cool high chair and was wanting to take it for a spin.

One of the biggest signs he was ready for food was his insane interest in whatever I was eating. Mainly it was always toast. It became impossible to sit eating food near him and I could no longer use him as a napkin or a table when eating (which I would do frequently when breast feeding as it only seemed fair that I got to eat too). So the baby weaning process started.

We kept it simple to start and I introduced mushed banana – and what a success it was. He absolutely loved it. So much so, he would demand the bowl to ensure he got every last bit (including licking the bowl). Warning to all mothers – They do also LOVE the bowl when there is food in there, we have had a few disasters such as the one below…and my beautiful white walls have stains all over them. I have now moved his chair away from anything white.


I didn’t want to introduce too many foods at once, and I wanted to see what he actually enjoyed. I have since added a ton of food and created a few yummy mixes which I will be sharing!!

Before having Max I always had this expectation I would ALWAYS make my Son’s food. Nutritious, organic and home-made. I do like to do this, but for the times my child goes from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds thinking I have starved him and I cannot defrost the food quick enough I reach out for the Ella’s Kitchen sachets – suitable from 4 months. It is insanely good and so convenient if you are a mum on the run or just didn’t have time to chef it up.

Plus – he is a total fan!

I will be adding a section to the blog called Max Eats. I will share my timetable of when I feed him as well as a couple of recipes that have been a total hit and of course the ups and downs with weaning I have faced so far! More to come!!

Ps. The high chair is the Stokke Tripp Trapp in hazy grey. LOVE this chair, and highly recommend it. (Thanks Mum and Dad for treating us! Sorry Dad – don’t think you knew about that one! 😉 )

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