We need to reign it back a little…


I love my husband dearly, and usually we communicate moderately well (as seen in above photo). But on this occasion, it didn’t go exactly to plan for either of us.

He brought up the topic of needing to reign it back a little on the spending. Not a topic I fully understand and if you have read any of my previous posts you will know I am definitely more spender than saver. I have even admitted to sleep shopping when I was getting up every 2 hours with Max – so I think its safe to say this topic of reigning back isn’t a conversation that we have lightly.

As my husband knows this, I would have assumed when he brought up the topic, he would know full well he would be walking on thin ice. Knowing I most likely wasn’t going to respond very well with the idea of shopping less.

But instead he broke that thin ice he was walking on like a f*cking boulder hitting the frozen pond.

And here is why…prior to discussing MY spending habits he announces that we have a new addition joining the family. Naturally I assume that one of my sister in laws must be pregnant. In the last year we have knocked out 3 kiddos, so it wasn’t that unlikely. As I jumped around a little excited he explained that no one was pregnant, but another guitar (his other babies) was joining the H household.

I am thrilled that another guitar is joining us…almost as much as he is thrilled when I bring home another pair of shoes. ;). So of course I showed the interest anyone would and let him tell me all about it.

His next sentence however I wasn’t quite ready for…”So on that, we need to start reigning back a little on my spending”. I thought he was joking. Surely, he wasn’t about to tell me to reign it in when he had invested in this guitar? But yes, that was exactly what he had done. The delivery of this conversation was quite frankly pretty sh*t and didn’t leave him with a very cooperative wife.

Needless to say it took a while for us to get back on speaking terms.

Despite his delivery being absolutely terrible, I understood what he was trying to say (after a couple of hours to calm down). I know that I could create better ways to save some money. I don’t shop very much at all (now we no longer have wake up calls in the middle of the night) but I plan badly when it comes to food. I end up going to the supermarket every day, never planning meals ahead of time and end up spending so much more money than I need.

With that, I decided to get a little more savvy. Start making Max his meals in bulk and also try and get a little more creative with our food as well. I have loved it! And had so much fun coming up with different recipes.

I will be doing a whole blog post on recipes, but definitely thought I should share this amazing company The Small Human Company as they have incredible food storage for freezing. I have made some amazing meals for little Max. Costing half the price of continuously buying sachets/pre-made food.

They also do food sachets so you can take them out and about. And I hopefully have made my hubby a little happier with my frivolous spending! (Or at least, it’s a start…)



And as for the guitar…At least SOMEONE likes it…




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