Max Eats – Stage 1

1518735893248.jpegMax Eats is finally LIVE!!

So excited to start this new section of the blog. Sharing all my experiences with baby weaning and what we have done so far! Max is a total lover for food, and it has been such a great milestone for all of us to enjoy.

I get a lot of questions on how I started, when I knew he was ready for food and what type of food I gave him to begin with, so here is a low-down on what we have done!


How we knew he was ready for food:

We stuck to the classic signs he was ready for food including the following:

  • He seemed completely obsessed with what I was eating. He began to grab my plate and food off my plate so that was probably the biggest sign.
  • He was 5 months old, holding his head up really well, and sitting up really well.
  • To be COMPLETELY transparent, some of my mummy friends had started, and I followed along with them.
  • I bought his highchair and couldn’t wait to give it a whirl.

*Disclaimer: The last two points were the last thing on the list, the others were a lot more important and I just went with my gut feeling and GP giving me the green light when we had a check up. *

Recipes of the food we started with:

I really wanted to make sure that his first foods were completely pureed and found that the Organix website was great for simple recipes. Here are a few that I followed.

I also think its good to say I started on 1 food and would not try another for a week. This slowly went down to a few days, as is really important to make sure they don’t have any bad reactions to certain foods.

Stewed Pears & Apples:


Here is a great recipe from Organix that I used: Organix simple apple and pear recipe. It was super simple to make and a great first food to try him on. He absolutely loved this, and I still make it, freeze it and add to his baby porridge in the mornings.

Mushed Banana:

No recipe here needed. I just started with half a banana and mushed it thoroughly either through the hand blender or simply with a fork.

Carrot puree:

To add a little bit a veg in to his diet I also made a ton of carrot puree for him. Organix Carrot Puree Recipe – I added parsnips later as I felt he may start to turn orange.

Baby Rice and Banana:

I also used porridge and banana as I found the consistency better – but here is another great recipe. Baby Rice & Banana

Baby Rice & Baby Porridge:

I also used both when he was starting off. I never could quite get the consistency of baby rice right, so tended to lean towards the porridge. I use the baby Heinz Porridge as its so much better value for money and good for them.

Non – Sweet Purees:

Supposedly we should also introduce foods that aren’t just sweet – so here are a few recipes to give them a good variety.

Parsnip Puree

Courgette Puree

Broccoli Puree

Ella’s Kitchen:

I used a LOT of Ella’s Kitchen. I still do as its perfect for being out and about. Their website has a lot of tips and the packets show what is 4+months. Ella’s Kitchen

ps. it doesn’t make you a lazy mum using these. They are great, and I found them so helpful in the first stages of weaning!


This really is just my journey of what I did for Max. There are some great classes and books to get your hands on, but if you are like me and just a little clueless on how to start then I hope this helps a little.

MAx’s favourite food in stage 1: Pears and apple






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