When life doesn’t exactly go to plan…

1518386673304As the title says, the last 3 weeks really haven’t gone to plan at all. Probably the biggest understatement I have ever written. The last 3 weeks have been pretty sh*t.

Max and I were getting ready to fly to Spain for some sunshine and fun with the grandparents, and Sam was getting ready to fly to the States with his company he recently joined. After the last few months, I think both of us needed a break from London and so were both looking forward to a mini escape.

But when Sam came home on that Friday 3 weeks ago, it was clear our plans were not going to happen. He had quite clearly broken his ankle. I wish there was a better story than him just losing his footing on a dented pavement, but there isn’t. It was one of those really annoying, unnecessary falls with the biggest impact ever. Our plans for at least the next couple of months were truly scuppered. Everything cancelled, and the daunting realisation that I was about to gain another dependent. We looked at each other as we listened to the doctors with a stare that can only be described as “Holy sh*t” stare. That stare when you suddenly realise how utterly screwed we are.

Everything suddenly became complicated. I felt torn with spending time with Sam in the hospital trying to keep his spirits up with not leaving Max for too long. Throughout the last 3 weeks I have never been so grateful for our family and friends. Everyone has helped so much, and made this experience as easy as possible.

But despite all the help we have had, I have become a full time carer to two. All needing such different care and me trying desperately hard not to break the other leg when Sam calls “Nurse Loulou” over and over. Me just longing for that stress free two week holiday I was supposed to be on. Instead, I am constantly exhausted. From the minute they both wake up. the needs come flooding in and it doesn’t stop until both are in bed. It’s pretty tough. BUT I know if this happened to me, Sam would do the same. Probably be a better nurse with a lot more patience than I have!

It’s also made me realise how much I rely on Sam, and how he is such a hands-on dad with Max. When he would come home from work, I was off duty. He would take over bath time and the bedtime feed with Max and I would switch off. The same went for the weekends, I used to sleep in! I mean properly sleep in while Sam played in the living room with Max. We really did have it great, and I think all of us looking forward to getting back there.

BUT – It’s not all doom and gloom! We have had some incredible milestones !

The day Sam broke his ankle was the same day Max started to crawl!! It was amazing! Seeing him drag his body across the room (He hadn’t quite mastered the typical knee crawling until tonight actually!!) so he has spent the last 3 weeks polishing my floor with his tummy  – which I am INCREDIBLY grateful for, as his baby grow has somewhat worked as a good enough hoover.

And we also have teeth. Two little teeth at the bottom – incredibly cute, apart from when he goes for the toes.

So thats the update from the Milk Spot Family. Pretty insane couple of weeks! xx









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