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There are so many products out there and I will raise my hand I am a sucker for deals. Or…actually lets be honest I LOVE to shop. I was one of those new mums that had everything and the kitchen sink way before Max was even born. So in the last 9 months I definitely found my favourites. So thought I would share! Everything is linked below for your shopping convenience!

1. Freezing pots:

The Small Human Company Tot Pots are great for single portions. I love to mix up his meals and usually will take two different flavours and mix it up. A lot of the time I will do one with some meat and another with just veg so that he is getting a great meal full of different nutrients.

Hack: I use these pots and once frozen I pop out all the portions and put them into a ziploc bag. I label and date the bags and put them back in the freezer. This means I can do more than one batch cook and have different flavours. It also prevents mild frost bite when I try and get them out. 

2. Alternative freezing pots for bigger portions:

BEABA 6-Compartment Freezing pots: I use this one for bigger portions (Max is a hungry baby). I combine a ton of different foods and even add some cooked broccoli at the top.

3. Travel pouches: 

The Small Human Company Tot Pots - I am obsessed with these travel pouches. They are freezable, and perfect if you are wanting to take homemade food when you are out and about.

I always use them and they are a perfect portion size. I have a ton frozen, and more in the fridge so I can leave the house with home cooked food at ease! They are also a great alternative to Ella’s Kitchen if you are trying to save some money!

4. Ikea full smock bib

As we know, weaning is a pretty messy experience.  For us, it wasn’t just messy but Max would always put his hand in his mouth right after the spoon. Meaning his entire outfit all the way to the arms would be covered in food. Not ideal when we were out and as per usual mummy messed up and forgot the change of clothes. So instead of letting him sit in mushed carrot all day, we bought these Ikea bibs in bulk. We loved this one from IKEA KLADDIG bib – really light and easy to take with you when you are out.

5. Thermos

I recently bought this thermos from skip hop: Skip Hop Thermos I have also started using this for foods that are better when warm. I prep this before I leave the house and can keep the food hot for 5 hours. Great when you are out for dinner time. His favourite is a baby version of spaghetti bolognese right now, so much nicer when its warm!

Alternative option that is slightly cheaper: Thermos option

6. Heat sensitive spoons

They really do come up with everything these days!!! These are just genius and a great piece of mind if you are unsure whether the food is too hot for your little ones. Munchkin Heat Sensitive Spoons

7. The Nuby Nibbler

Sounds a bit strange I know, but it is great! You can add in fruits and is a great introduction IF you are trying baby led-weaning. I used to add in sliced apples and Max loved it! Check out the Nuby Nibbler!

8. The Munchkin 360 cup

This cup is amazing. Took a bit of time for Max to get the hang of it, but its great to teach them to use a cup like us big humans. Definitely recommend it! Munchkin 360 cup

9. Hand Blender

It sounds obvious, but hear me out. I originally just used the Nutri Bullet. Which is amazing for the first stages of weaning as you can pretty much guarantee its pureed. But when you want to start introducing some texture into the foods, I have found the hand blender to be so much better.

It also means I do not have to get out all the equipment for a quick blitz. Russell Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender


These are just too genius and helpful not to share so I hope you get some value out of this!! If I come across anything else I feel the need to shout out about I am adding a “Shop” section to the blog by the end of the week so all will be there for your browsing!



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