Baby it’s cold outside!!


HAS ANYONE HEARD?! It’s snowing in LONDON!!!

I don’t think my instagram has ever been flooded so much with snow stories, mine included. I absolutely love the Snow. I grew up in Switzerland, and just love it when the snow falls. I always think everything goes blissfully quiet. I don’t know – maybe it’s just me, but when I wake up and see the snow it’s like Christmas morning.

I just assumed that Max would be equally excited. So I took him outside to the courtyard (mainly because I had to buy milk from the store) but also so he could experience it for the very first time! I couldn’t wait. Max however furious at the idea of getting his jacket on.

I finally got him outside and the response was beyond underwhelming. He showed zero interest. He just stared at me blankly – I am sure thinking he would rather be inside and wondering what the f*ck we were doing in the freezing cold. But I just couldn’t stop there, so grabbing snow, showing him how to make a snow angel and pretty much rolling around like a pig in sh*t I got the feeling, for the first time ever (I am sure not the last) that he was mortified. Embarrassed by his mummy. The look of all looks which could only be translated to “you f*cking idiot”.

But!! From the weather reports I have another 2 days of this snow! I will continue my efforts of making sure he loves the snow, and learn everything that is magical about it (and of course, never ever eating that yellow snow).

I will continue to update you all on my progress! And while you wait for the updates check out my shop that is going live TONIGHT! Showing all our favourites for keeping us warm and happy despite The Beast from the East!!

Hope you all had as much fun as me!

Lots of love xx





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