Life with a moving baby


Here he is, our little Man attempting to climb the window.

The day he started to crawl was incredible. Full of celebration that Max was able to move that little bum from side to side and make it to the other side of his play mat. It was bliss and lasted roughly a day before he realised there was an entire flat to explore and the play mat was clearly no longer good enough to keep him entertained.

Ironically, and something I perhaps will laugh about one day (but for now, its still too soon) he started to crawl the same day Sam broke his leg. So right now, I am currently solely responsible for his movements, and chasing him around like a flapping chicken with seconds to spare before reaches the plug sockets or some fucking how, musters the strength to pull over the floor lamp.

Within a couple of weeks, he took it up a notch. Just as I got comfortable with crawling he was on his feet, walking with his walker (aka zimmerframe). I honestly thought I had months to prepare for this. And the baby-proofed flat I thought I had created has been put to shame.

The TV – entirely still reachable for him to smack on a daily basis. I give the TV a month before the screen is completely fucked.

Our glass table is by far the most fun toy in the flat, the fact it’s see-through literally blows his mind on a daily basis.

The chairs for the breakfast bar. Sturdy, incredible chairs which I inherited (stole) from my parents flat in Zurich are just calling for him to climb on.

Or just the days (most days) where I somehow am able to LOSE my child in the flat. Rushing around, mild sweat dripping from my forehead as I try and find him.

But its the days when you turn around and your child is swinging from the guitar strap like he is fucking Tarzan that really made me realise I either step up the baby proofing a LOT or get a play pen (aka the baby jail that I am adamant I do not need).

Life is insane. Life is beautiful and hilarious. When you see the sheer joy Max has from being able to explore and move around it is all worth it. Completely nerve wrecking, and when you see him bounce off the wall from ramming his zimmerframe into it at rocket speed, you wince, bracing yourself to cuddle the shit out of him thinking “sh*t…that the one, we are off to A&E” he grumbles, rolls to his tummy and like the megatron baby he is, he looks up a little baffled as to why that wall was put there, gets up and continues to run around.

It has been a huge learning curve, and has definitely aged me by at least 10 years. How I will baby proof this flat is beyond me, but anything I do come up with I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

I received a great starter kit from Fred Safety, and will update my shop.

That’s all for tonight! See the action shots below of our little Man on the move (and said guitar strap that has now been removed – Avoiding any further Tarzan moments).


My view every day

My view every day


My view every day


That guilty face!!


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