Max’s First Birthday!


Happy Birthday Max!! Our little man has turned O-N-E!

What a year we have had!! We went from a couple to a family. Max made us a family and for that we will always be incredibly grateful to him. Not only has he made us a family, but he has taught us how to laugh every day, how to never take anything too seriously and how to love unconditionally.

I will forever sacrifice my sleep, my ability to drink a hot tea, or go to the bathroom alone for years like what we have just had! It has been full of amazing milestones, from saying mama (most importantly, and no, we do not discuss on MY blog the fact he said dada first), crawling and even WALKING before his first birthday…

So as his first birthday started getting close, I started to plan. I went from googling party planners, getting a marquis and well fuck, anything else I had seen on instagram, and diverted my efforts to just making his day perfect…and the fact Sam said no to the party planner, I let him win that argument knowing I had just ordered a teepee the size of a small house for our living room.

I baked..I never bake, but after making 50 cupcakes I am pretty sure I can call myself a baker (I even contemplated signing up for bake off). With the help of my 6 year old niece we had enough beautifully decorated cupcakes to feed the neighbourhood. I am quite stunned that i only have one left in the fridge.

I decorated the apartment, balloons, banners, sprinkles all over the sodding floor from cupcake decorating, the place was ready for our little boy in the morning. And it was worth every single minute spent preparing, to see the smile on his face when we brought him into the room. He knew it was a special day, and Max didn’t stop smiling.

With all the family around to celebrate, friends taking the day off work to come a join us, we had the most perfect day. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and wished him Happy Birthday! We love you all!

(Blog post to come on First Birthday ideas)

Enjoy some photos of his first birthday!

L xx




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