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I don’t think we could have ever quite anticipated the amount of energy Max was going to have. He is constantly on the move. From the minute he wakes up he takes the form of the Tasmanian devil. Rolling, running, climbing absolutely everything in his view.

After a few hours of running after him, there is literally no stopping him, I know the only next option is to take him to the park and let him run off all that energy. Mummy gets to sit down (for 5 minutes) before he finds the ONLY puddle in London in this heatwave, before i even had a chance to get to him he jumped right into it… Unbelievable. Where did the puddle even come from? We are in a HEATWAVE!

But with this heatwave, and the constant running around it has been hard. He is constantly overheated and getting some of the worst nappy rash I have seen. We tried everything to keep him dry and cool but with out flat currently working as a sauna it has not been easy.

What we have found to be incredible are long cool baths and using Kit and Kin natural nappies. Firstly, they have helped the nappy rash to the point it has almost cleared up entirely, and with his only item of clothing currently being a nappy when indoors it doesn’t hurt that they are pretty awesome designs.

I have linked above the nappies and cant recommend the bubble bath enough when it comes to long fun baths. The bubbles definitely keep him occupied, and he gets the chance to play and cool down.

Thank you Kit & Kin!!





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