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The sheer joy of Max falling asleep

Anyone following me know’s I love to visit my parents in Spain. Sometimes Sam isn’t able to get the time off, or is away when I decide to go. Meaning this mama is flying solo…literally.

Before I go into a massive vent on flying with a baby I do feel it is important for me to say that Max still ends up sleeping the majority of the flights. Something about the engine noise (white noise) just sends him straight to sleep. But saying that, it doesn’t mean I don’t have struggles when it comes to flying solo.

I think the biggest issue flying solo is that I just don’t seem to have enough hands. When it comes to security, without fail I set the buzzer off. At this point I have two choices; either I hand over my child to someone in security, or let him stand there patiently waiting for me to be checked. Does anyone else see how ridiculous the latter option is? Yeah…neither did I.

Stupidly thinking I could trust my 1 year old to stay still, I stood there getting checked only to see my child running away at mach two, squealing with laughter. Having to quickly stop the search I am running f*cking barefoot after him. I was THAT mother who just didn’t have anything at that moment under control. Finally catching him, both of us out of breath I get back to the security who are all trying their hardest not to laugh. This was definitely not one of my smoothest journey’s and I hadn’t even made it through bloody security.

This is the thing with a 1 year old. They are never still. They hate being trapped in this boring restrictive device, also known as the buggy, and simply want to run everywhere. They are IMPOSSIBLE…After finding a quiet place near the gate I took him out and let him run around like a maniac for a while. Praying this would tire him out for the flight. (It did).

Now for the next challenge of flying solo, boarding the plane. Never a simple task, especially when you’re a tight arse like me who refuses to pay extra to check in a bag. So with baby in one arm, bag and pram hanging from the other I start to waddle my way on the plane. I say waddle as Max is like holding a fish out the water and my grip on him wasn’t great. So by the time I climb up the stairs and board the plane my bags are almost out of my grip and Max is literally clinging on for dear life, t-shit up to his shoulders and I at this point am pretty much holding him like a fucking rugby ball.

Awkwardly smiling at the air stewards, hoping they are not judging my frantic state I find my seat. NEVER have I ever been so happy to find my seat and sit down. The worst is over. I did it! All by myself, with all the bags and baby in one piece we are sat in our precious wonderful seat.

I always feel sorry for the poor sod who gives that “oh hell” look when they realise they are sitting next to me and Max. I do always try to assure them that he is chilled (whilst he flings everything from the seat pocket onto the floor…). They smile politely and brace themselves…I do too.

As expected, 5 minutes into flying Max falls soundly asleep. Me sat there the smug mother that my child is quiet, and a slight “I told you so” to the person sitting next to me. They got away lightly with only a small part of Max’s pre-nap banana over their jeans.

Overall, flying solo isn’t that bad. You just get on with it. And it is sooo worth it in the end for a few days away with the parents.

But for a few tips:

  1. Travel LIGHT. Take a small bag, or check your bag in! Remember to keep the hands as free as possible.
  2. Travel pram. Forget the two-piece pram you bought for a ridiculous price. Go and get yourself a good travel pram. For the spenders reading: Babyzen Yoyo+  and for the savers: Mama and Papas Travel buggy (It is currently on SALE!)
  3. FOOD.  Organix Rice cakes take a good amount of time to eat, and gives you a good 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

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  1. August 25, 2018 / 8:07 pm

    Very brave of you! Hope it weren’t too bad. Thankfully I had parental help for my first trip without the other baby maker.

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