Flying Solo – The response


It is amazing how many mums have little tricks up their sleeves for genius ways to keep your little one happy on flights! Thank you to everyone for all the tips and I felt it was only fair to share them to everyone else!!

The first one is amazing. A company in the UK who provide packs depending on your age range and gender full of goodies to keep your little ones occupied on the flights. They also have different ranges depending on how long your flight is. Whaaaat!? Absolutely incredible.

“Keep Em Quiet”


This is such an incredible site. I was referred to this site by a reader and I love these surprise packs they do for kids. The fact it is steering them away from screen time and giving them activities to do on the flight is amazing.

I have tried the screen time with Max but he is still too young to understand the mobile phone. He see’s this as either a weapon to hit me over the head with or worst than that he launches the phone landing 3 rows in front of me somewhere on the floor. Nightmare when travelling alone. We get another “Excuse me stranger, please can you hold my child while I retrieve my phone” moments.

And once you have finally sorted out temporary child care, you have two options in front of you. Either you announce to the three rows that you are about to start searching the floor getting WAY too close to strangers feet (definitely go for this option. Or, (and this absolutely should never be the alternative situation) you decide you’re discreet enough to just get on down there, arm stretched almost out of its socket, frantically trying to grab the phone, only for you to brush up against their legs, giving them the fright of their lives as they see this arm waving around and a muffled voice saying sorry.  I can assure you, the first option was definitely the more sane option. The option that doesn’t leave half the plane thinking you are some absolute creep with some awful foot fetish. It’s just the tired, overwhelmed mum always thinking hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Definitely wasn’t my finest hour, and naturally, will be buying this for my next trip.

Sit along toddler Luggage seat

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 20.02.02.png

Mind a little blown today by this. So good when you are not really needing a buggy or check your buggy in. Simply attach this to your bags! You can get this in the states: Or buy from here for the UK site for sit along seat

The Small Human CompanyScreen Shot 2018-08-28 at 21.57.47.png

The Small Human Company

This is one of my favourite company’s. They have such incredible pouches which are perfect to travel with. Whether it is just a bit of blended apple and pear, or a fuller meal, you can travel with these and keep on with giving your little one some yummy home-cooked food on their travels. I have only ever had him fling food with one of these like a lasso once. It was disastrous, but luckily it was in the safety of our own home. No mortifying experiences, just me, covered in food.


Mountain Buggy Bag Rider

This is such a cool option if you are also looking to upgrade your carry-on luggage and comes with a harness. This was another amazing product pointed out my a fellow reader who literally cannot live without.


Zinc Flyte Midi Scooter

Now of course this and the Trunki were both suggested so I am adding them. Max is still a little young for this, but even when he is old enough, this slightly scares me. The fact Max runs away from me as it is surely this just means he will out-run me? When he gets the concept of a scooter I guess we will see!

Here is the trunki…Quite frankly I don’t get how they stay on, one distracted child, one mother frantically trying to get to the gate before the crowds (and get told I need to check in my bag – causing me to lose my sh*t), I am pretty sure he would go flying…Again, I am a sucker for buying all gadgets, so pending post review on these travel items!

Some amazing ideas and a few more insights into some of the more embarrassing situations I seemed to find myself in when flying solo!







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