Life with a toddler

I cannot believe how quickly time flies. Max has grown up so quickly over the last couple of months. It seemed like only yesterday I was sat here writing about the time he was learning to crawl

We are now in a phase where we turn around to find him climbing the sofa, climbing our bar stools, jumping on coffee tables or worse off simply running straight into the wall (He has literally done this more times than what I would consider “normal”. All in all, it is the most petrifying stage of his life so far. I am constantly on edge, and that parent that knows silence is NOT golden, but is usually the quiet before something absolutely disastrous is about to happen.

The boy just has no fear! Usually leaving me in an exhausted mess by the time bed time comes around.

With all of this, we have also dropped a nap. The beloved morning nap, and one that I clung onto for dear life. It was that perfect hour in the morning giving you time to get ready, and start your day off with a hot cup of tea (without it being spilt all over you) or have some cereal without having a little one hovering over you saying “mine” (his favourite word). I am now fully accustomed to sharing my breakfast with Max. With him sat on my lap, stealing my spoon and occasionally feeding me (how the tables have turned!!) we have a very different routine these days.

We have had to completely adjust. We have had to dig to find new levels of energy we never knew we had. We learnt the biggest lesson which is this little kiddo simply wants to have fun. He wants us to play and engage with him and this is why we are parents! To do exactly that. Even on the days where you think that all you want is to have a nice nap and just sit there aimlessly staring at the telly, you have to suck it up and just wait for that wonderful chuckle that is never too far away.

He is perfect, and I love the fact we have such an energetic child. It is never a dull day over here. Yes, I would gladly go without his climbing on the furniture and giving me mild heart attacks as I literally dive across the room to protect him from the falls…the energy and happiness he has? Completely irreplaceable.

So just a quick update! And a few photos to show how he continues to grow into such a handsome little boy!


Thanks as always for reading xx




  1. January 7, 2019 / 11:36 pm

    Fantastic blog. Max is so adorable. Xx

  2. Rozie Steel
    January 10, 2019 / 5:06 pm

    The cutest! Love you my Hegedoodles xxx

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