Growing a human, part deux…

                           Pregnancy part deux

It seems crazy that I am already talking about my second pregnancy. A mum of two under two. I must be mad.

It has been almost impossible to compare these pregnancies. With Max I definitely “Indulged” in the pregnancy. And when I say indulged, I am not necessarily referring to eating like a hippo (which on occasions I definitely did), but more so on how I felt. I instantly felt I lacked energy, spent a lot of time on the sofa with my feet up and ending up getting such bad pregnancy swelling I was almost unrecognisable. I was constantly being told I was huge (accompanied with  the unwanted belly rubs), and just generally feeling extremely uncomfortable.

However, this time round pregnancy has been so different. Firstly, I knew I was pregnant with Max. A pretty good starting point with any pregnancy. But with baby number 2 (also know as “whoops”) I was 15 weeks pregnant before I twigged. I had somehow managed to skip the entire first trimester.

I had no symptoms and put tiredness down to the fact I have an energetic toddler. So for me, this pregnancy couldn’t be any further from the first. I put a lot of this down to initially not knowing and not having that opportunity to indulge in it. I had no choice but to continue running around after Max. I have had no choice but to get off the couch and continue life as normal. Max doesn’t understand that baby “bro bro” (whoops) is coming. He stares at my bump, similar to how you awkwardly but very obviously stare at someone with a zit of their face. Bless him, still not mastered the art of discretion.

But with him not able to understand what is happening, you really can’t adapt as much as you do with the first. I have found I am still able to do everything I want to do (unless I am just feeling lazy…then I definitely pull the pregnancy card with hubby – sorry but not really sorry at all!) I still continue to go to the gym to keep fit and healthy, and find it really helps in keeping my enegery levels up. I am yet to have any unwanted belly rubs OR comments such as “Wow, you are HUGE!” or the head tilt to the side with a “aww babe, how you feeling” said ever so sympathetically that they basically just told you you look like sh*t.

So overall, I think currently I am finding a lot of this pregnancy a lot more enjoyable. I love the fact I don’t feel exhuasted all the time and love the fact I still have that energy I need for Max.

So that is my pregnancy update so far! I am sure it’s only a matter of time before another post comes with a description of how I have swollen up like a bowling ball, but until then keep your fingers crossed for me that I forever can still see my ankles!

Thanks again for reading!


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  1. Michele Stuvel
    January 16, 2019 / 10:28 pm

    This gives me hope that a second pregnancy won’t be as awful as my first!! I definitely indulged round one haha

    • amotherreality
      January 18, 2019 / 2:04 pm

      Haha – Same here lovely! So different the second time with a toddler! xx

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