Life with two…

For anyone who saw my IG post will know this post is a few days late. I chose the midday nap vs. working on my blog. Can you really blame me?! Usually when both of the boys are asleep I run around like a headless chicken trying to do the housework, work, shower, anything to feel like life is somewhat under control…so it was a very welcomed nap and time to do sweet FA.

Needless to say, life with two is somewhat chaotic, but the love that we all have is incredible. Max has taken to being an older brother better than I could have ever imagined. Every single morning when he wakes up, he takes his milk and then remembers he has a younger brother. He jumps up screaming “Joshiiiiii” and runs into our bedroom to say hi. I couldn’t be happier with his reaction. He seems to really love his little brother. There is no jealousy, no acting up for attention and gives his brother these lovely kisses and cuddles.

It is wonderful. I am one very happy mama.

…all of this said, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t had some absolute belter of moments where things are just mental. I had baby brain for the first couple of weeks. Sending us around London on appointments that either did not exist, or were on different days to the ones I turned up for. I ended up crying at the registry office as they told me I was a day late for my appointment. Life was well and truly a little chaotic and with a toddler running around you don’t get that rest you need after child birth.

I have been so lucky though that Max has been so patient. He has helped entertain his brother, always trying to help soothe him when he cries and wants to play with him ALL the time. I love watching him grow into being the best big brother… as well as watch like a hawk as his version of “playing” is mildly terrifying.

On a few occasions I have seen him attempt to pick up his brother, sit on him, lie on him for cuddles. But what really makes a mum squawk is turning around to see him throwing his wooden train set into the rocker yelling  “Joshiiiii”. With a huge smile on his face, I am pretty sure this is a sign of wanting to play?! At least that is what I am going with…

I find myself never able to leave the room, turn my back for even a second without wondering whether my eldest is playing nicely or leaving my newborn with a train shaped bruise on his forehead, or worse a book covering his face as Max thinks this is the way Josh can read Oh Dear –  the book.

There really is never a dull moment. And I am finding new ways of trying to show Max how to play calmly and softly with his bro bro. But I really couldn’t imagine it any other way, and just so grateful that it has exceeded my expectations of having two babies.

I may be exhausted most of the time but I love the chaos. I LOVE having two little boys in the house and feel our family is perfectly complete.

…and to any one about to ask, yes…complete! I am perfectly content with my two little ones.


Thanks for reading!!

Lou xx


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