Summer Wardrobe Edit

I asked, you said yes so here it is – my Summer wardrobe edit and all the amazing finds for Max’s summer wardrobe (Josh is in hand me downs – below explains why!)

When it comes to my own wardrobe I am always buying. Whether it be an indulgent piece or a high-street piece there is always usually a lovely package waiting for me to collect (much to Sam’s despair…and annoyance I am sure for making him take all the empty boxes to the recycle bin). I love to shop, and with the night feeds, trying to stay awake at 4am is impossible without some shopping app open. Anyone else sometime forget they have ordered something due to sleep shopping? I think its a thing…

When Max was little I indulged A LOT when it came to clothes. They were all just too irresistible to not buy! His wardrobe was better than mine! But when preparing for Josh’s arrival and going through all the clothes that Max has grown out of, I was able to fill the entire room floor with clothes. I couldn’t move there were so many clothes and it took me almost an entire day to sort between the different age ranges. Even for me it was obscene. I was mortified and suddenly realised why I was always broke…

So for his winter wardrobe I decided to do one big shop. Buy everything he would need for the winter and not buy anything else. I pretty much stuck to this…of course there was still the occasional “must buy” for both of the boys, but otherwise I pretty much stuck to the big shop and we had more than enough. I also went with the “if the drawers are full he has enough.

So two big shops! And I have just done Max’s summer wardrobe and wanted to share some amazing finds!

My first stop is usually gap. There is always a promo on, and its a one-stop shop. But for Summer I am mixing it up and have found some amazing deals in Zara, H&M and also Primark. Below are a few finds…enjoy!



Basic T-shirts:

Striped Tee

Basic Tee


Star print

I love this – Still amazing value and a fun print.


Polo – H&M

Polo Shirt x 2 – Amazing deal from H&M

Because everyone needs a Hawaiian shirt!

Linked here



Shorts – Zara

Shorts – H&M

Shorts – H&M

Zara – Dungarees


Hoodies/Sweaters – because we still live in the UK….


Striped Sweater – Zara

Basic Sweater

I also go to Primark. For shorts and basic t-shirts you really can’t go wrong…and if like me, your child is obsessed with messy play at nursery where stains are impossible to get out you are never too sad about the clothes getting ruined. Haven’t linked any here, but definitely worth going down to check out the summer wardrobe.

Basically you can’t go wrong with these shops…;)

Thanks for reading!




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