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This last pregnancy I decided to invest a lot more in self-care. Fitness and ensuring I was comfortable were a huge priority for me. There were many amazing moments with my first pregnancy, I loved watching my body grow this tiny little human, but I also knew some of the downsides that I desperately wanted to avoid if I was able to. It took me so long to get even a little bit of my body back. My biggest concern was back pain. It was brutal and lasted for nearly a year after Max was born. It became so bad that some days after waking up it was almost impossible to pick up Max. And he was a tiny baby! So this time round I knew I had to change things. I knew I couldn’t sit around eating ice cream all day (unless it was halo top – and if you haven’t tried it get yourself to a supermarket! It is incredible!).

As I said in previous posts, fitness became a huge part of my second pregnancy. I primarily used Bumps & Burpees for all fitness inspo. Linking again in case any of you missed it in a previous post, or for anyone new coming to the blog. I cannot recommend them enough. It kept me active, stronger than ever and weight under control. I used their instagram page for ideas and workout routines I could do at home or at the gym. I would save them so it was super easy to hit the gym, open up the phone and do my work outs. Linking instagram page here: Instagram for Bumps and Burpees.

The next thing I wanted to do was really invest in recommended products that could either help through my pregnancy or post pregnancy.

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From the minute I knew I was pregnant I immediately invested in the Secret Saviours stretch mark prevention band (linked here). A friend recommended it to me. She had found it really worked in preventing stretch marks, and again for anyone who has read my previous posts, I am not someone ready to embrace everything pregnancy throws at me. I hated the stretch marks and personally if there is something out there that can help me, I will take it. I honestly could not recommend this product more highly.

I saw no stretch marks (and sometimes they creep up after pregnancy!!) and with now 2 months post-natal I still have none! (Yep! it worked) – I also found it super supportive for my growing bump. I never left the house without it on. I genuinely believe it has prevented back issues as well as I still have not had this problem.

I reached out to thank them and ended up working with them on a competition and also have a discount code: AMOTHERREALITY20- Feel free to use this and get 20% off!!

Maternity wear was another area I was dreading. When pregnant with Max the bigger I got, the more nothing would fit. Even the maternity jeans I did buy were the worst. They were uncomfortable, unaccommodating to my¬† horrendous (c)ankles and after walking down the street to catch the bus they would have fallen so far down I was having to hoist them up…in public, you know…the one where you stick your leg out to get maximum hoisting? That was me, every 5 minutes… It was awful. This time round I went for over the bump Topshop maternity jeans. Coupled with my pregnancy band they never fell down. I wore these jeans from around 25 weeks pregnant until – well I still wear them…They are so f*cking comfy. I am basically wearing sweatpants in public. THE.BEST. Topshop Maternity Jeans

I went for Joni – over the bump. I got them in every colour obviously.

And my final recommendation is the belly bandit. I have been using this since giving birth. I had a real problem with the separation of my stomach muscles the first time round. This time round, mainly due to exercise I have really prevented getting a larger gap. And once I can exercise I will slowly work on getting my core back. But until then, I have been using the belly bandit as a great way to encourage my stomach muscles to connect back.

p.s. check me out! From sitting on the couch eating mars bar ice creams to talking about¬†encouraging my stomach muscles to reconnect…Do I sound like a complete and utter twat? Tell me if I do.

I realise I have done a complete 180 to how I was after my last pregnancy. I still firmly believe in all the values I was talking about back then…which was take your time, enjoy your pregnancy and being a mum vs. running back to the gym too soon. I think it is so important to relish the baby bubble. I certainly didn’t move from the couch for a couple of weeks when Josh was first born (apart from chasing Max of course).

Thanks for reading!! Xx


Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Kit


Bumps and Burpees Instagram

Belly Bandit



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