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It has been AGES since I wrote my last post. I think trying to manage two kids, a job and the blog just seemed a little too much to take on…Like, way too much. So the blog did end up taking a little bit of a break.

But I am back…I love writing this blog and god damn do I have a lot to talk about with my experiences over the last 6 months. It has been a total rollercoaster. You really never know what you are doing. End up just winging it with one eye shut desperately hoping you are not totally cocking up their life.

Firstly, I think I should say that despite the challenges of two babies, it has been amazing. Watching their bond grow (mainly over the last 3 months – My child was NOT necessarily one that instantly took to being a big brother…There were definitely moments of love but equally met with trying to drag him across the floor thinking he was dancing with him).

And while I am on this, is it just my child who wasn’t instantly a perfect older sibling? All I ever see and hear is how amazing they older one’s are to their new sibling. “They are so doting and gentle and caring..” Am I the only one with a two year old who thinks his sibling is a new toy?!

I think this in when I can use the word “I digress”….but we had to continuously teach him to play nicely. But recently he has FINALLY turned a corner, he plays nicely, loves seeing him in the morning, and when he cries he takes it on himself to cheer him up. Probably because mummy is sat rocking in the corner unable to parent past 5pm. (Kidding – sort of).

So I will be posting a ton of new content all about our experiences over the last 6 months. From potty training, teaching Joshi how to sleep, as that is a thing us humans need to do, “Terrible two’s” and how to avoid negotiation with them (you will lose),  and how I have handled everything, not always in my stride and NOT a mum who sits there saying everything is perfect on messages as I sob hiding in the bathroom wanting just 5 minutes to myself.

I am SO happy to be back, and if there is anything else you want to know feel free to ask!

#amotherreality xx


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